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Jose G. Caero

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Jose Caero (known as "Hernan" to close friends) is a Totoreno who lives with his family in Texas, USA.   After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indiana Institute of Technology, he worked as Senior Design Engineer,  Project Engineer, Program Director and Engineering Consultant in the design and development of many different aircraft. 

Hernan is recognized nationally in industry and government for the management, development and integration of flight controls, hydraulics and other aircraft systems.  He is an expert advisor to executive level contractor officials,  top level Department of Defence executives and senior military officials, and  a member of the V-22 Osprey Aircraft Blue Ribbon panel.

His technical expertise in aerospace technology is reflected by six U.S. patents he was awarded:

5092536 Jam Resistant Ball Screw Actuator
4819692  Hydraulic Quick Coupler
4128047 Actuator with Locking Valves
3724610 Brake Load Sensing and Control
3185257 Servo Disk Brake
2955680 Disk Brake

Hernan visits his home town Totora frequently, and some of his photographs of the town before the earthquake of 1998 are shown in this site.

Totora is indeed proud that one of its children has achieved such high recognition.

Click here to get more details of his Professional Career.


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