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Navidad Año  Nuevo
Rooster Fight
June 24 pics by Betto
June 24, 2001 Solar Cooking Demo
Flying Women of Totora
All Souls Day 2003
Totora: Columpios 2003
Piano Recital 2003
Parish Reconstruction
Festival de Piano 2004
Festival de Piano 2004 - 2
Festival de Piano 2004 - 3
Festival de Piano 2005
Festival de Piano 2005 - 2
Festival de Piano 2006

Totora celebrates many different events throughout the year.  Many celebrations are traditional, and others are being revived from events and customs of the past.  As events occur, they will be posted to this page. A partial list is as follows:

January 1:  New Year

January 1 - 7: Feast of San Salvador in honor of little baby Jesus

February:  Carnaval

June 24: Totora's Founder's day celebrations

November  2: All Soul's Day

November - Columpios and San Andreas "Flying Women of Totora"

December 25: Christmas

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