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Website Mission

The mission of this website is to provide a web presence to chronicle the history and current activities of Totora.  Although  the site has pages both in English and Spanish, the dominant language is Spanish, and the goals include:

  • To inform Totorenos about
    • current activities and projects in Totora
    • their proud cultural and historical heritage
  • To inform  interested non-Totorenos about history and culture of Totora
  • To provide a virtual community for well-wishers and prodigal Totorenos
  • To position Totora within Bolivia and the rest of the World

Website Profile

The owner and webmaster of this site is related by marriage to one of the oldest families in Totora.  The purpose is to inform, document and record the past and present, and chronicle the progress towards rebuilding a historical colonial city.  We will help speed up the restoration of this city in any way we can.

Contributors to the website and people mentioned include current full and part time residents and citizens of the city, well-wishers and prodigal sons and daughters and their descendants.  It presents a view which is biased towards the friends and family of the webmaster.

This is not the official site of the government of the City of Totora.

Request for Material - not funds

We request contribution of material.   Material contributed can be complete articles, photographs or information of general interest.  Submission of material implies that the sender has the right to provide the material, and gives permission to Totora Website to display the material.  Not all material may be suitable or used.  Material may be in English, Spanish, or both.  Some of the material may be translated from one language to the other.  Please do not send originals of documents in case they get lost. If the material is included at the discretion of the webmaster, the author or contribution will be acknowledged.

We do not request a financial contribution since the cost of maintaining and hosting this website has been donated.  If you want to make a financial contribution, please support Comite Pro Templo which is seeking to restore the city.  If you are in the U. S., you may want to consider sending your donation through Friends of Bolivia, Inc , a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in San Jose, California.

Mailing List

Click to subscribe to

You can receive emails and news about the website by subscribing to the FriendsOfTotora  Yahoo!Group.  As a member of this group, you may post messages that are read by other Friends of Totora.



Totora Website wishes to express thanks to the following for their valuable contributions of photographs and other materials:

  • Senor Jose Novillo
  • Senor Jose Caero
  • General Oscar Escobar
  • Senor Mario Murato
  • Senor Juan Quiroga
  • Senor Betto Merida
  • Ingr. Roberto Escobar
  • Srta. Alejandra Merida
  • Srta. Herminia Escobar
  • Ninita Gabriela Escobar  :-)


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