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Dia de Nuestra Sra. de las Mercedes Patrona de La Diosesis, y tambien la Independencia de Los Departamentos Santa Cruz, Beni y Pando

September 24, 2002 -- On the auspicious day of our Lady of Mercy, patron Saint of the Diocese, and observance of the independence of the Departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando,  Totora website announces the addition of new content about Totora and its people.

The Picture Gallery has been enriched by the addition of the Coat of Arms of TotoraCity Charter document, and profiles of several Totorenos:

  • Gral. Oscar Escobar Quiroga, retired Army General, and a member of Comite Pro Templo, a grass roots effort to rebuild the town church destroyed in the 1998 Earthquake.
  • Sr. Jose Novillo Guzman, newspaper editor and journalist who provided pictures of Totora to this site published in a book in 2000, and a member of Comite Pro Templo.
  • Sra Beatriz Escobar-Mujtaba, whose former students in the U.S. wrote an article of appreciation in Los Tiempos, a Cochabamba newspaper.
  • Jose G Caero,  recognized nationally in U.S. industry and government, advisor to  Department of Defence executives, and  a member of the V-22 Osprey Aircraft Blue Ribbon panel. Pages are included in English and in Spanish; his gallery of photographs of the City include some taken before the 1998 Earthquake.
  • Hernan Rivera Unzueta, honored by the City of Totora on June 24, 2002 for his achievements

A page of other  links  points to articles on details on the 1998 Earthquake, to a website on the doors of Totora, maps of Totora, two organizations called Friends of Bolivia in the U.S., and archives on Solar Cooking.

A video clip shows a Solar Box Cooker being demonstrated on the Founder's Day Celebrations Fair on June 24, 2001 which was a precursor to the introduction of  Solar Cooking as part of the Army training curriculum.

A gallery of pictures of some Totoreno Descendants related to the Webmaster may be of personal interest and amusement to some Totorenos.

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