Totora Website goes live!

Website dedicated to Totora goes live on Bolivia's Independence Day!

August 6, 2002 -- This Totora website went live today on the anniversary of the day that Bolivia gained her independence.  The purpose of this website is to provide a place where Totorenos (former and current residents of Totora) can obtain news and information about their beloved city, and where people interested in learning more about this colonial city can obtain reliable and accurate information.

The website has pages in English and in Spanish, to accommodate the different audiences who have interests in the content.

Senor Jose Novillo Guzman (Alias El Pity) and  Army General Oscar Escobar Quiroga provided much of the material and photographs that are used in this site. 

A guestbook will accept the comments of well wishers on the website, and other means provided to form a community where all members can contribute.

This website is a work in progress, and with the help of friends, families, and well-wishers will develop as this beautiful city grows, prospers and regains its past grandeur.

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